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We are a family owned and operated


based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Paris Orthotics Lab - premium custom made prescription orthoses

Our Lab Division manufactures premium quality custom foot orthoses for foot health care professionals across Canada, Europe and the Middle East. From our 20,000 sq ft lab in Vancouver we manufacture a wide range of daily use, sport and pathology specific devices using a permutation of revered “Root” inspired design principles and a variety of more current interpretations. Our manufacturing processes include a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and state of the art 3D scanning and CAD/CAM technology. In addition to custom foot orthoses we manufacture The Richie family of custom AFOs for the Canadian, British and Irish markets.

We hold our manufacturing methods, materials, technical support, customer service and all other aspects of what we do to the highest levels of technical and efficacy standards. LEAN manufacturing principals guide our innovation and continuous improvement efforts, which help us maintain our leadership in our field. Since Pierre Paris’ original inception of his company in 1907, Paris Orthotics has continued the family’s commitment to providing premium products to our customers that appreciate the difference quality makes.


Core Value


Passionate pursuit of excellence
Dedicated to continuous improvement
Never stop learning
Never, ever give up
Everyone can be a coach
Every player counts


Other Divisions of Paris & Key Partnerships


Paris Pedorthic Services Logo, custom foot orthotics, lower limb conditions, plantar fasciitis, bunions, knee pain


The Paris Pedorthic Services team provides expert solutions for people suffering from a wide range of foot and ankle problems including: plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, bunions, knee pain (like patellofemoral pain syndrome), general foot pain and many other conditions associated with flat feet, high arched feet and overpronating feet.

We specialize in treating complex foot and ankle pathologies that afflict elite and recreational athletes, those who suffer from arthritis and diabetes and everybody in between. We have been working collaboratively with Vancouver area physicians, surgeons, podiatrists and therapists for over 25 years. These health care professionals trust us to help improve the quality of their patients’ lives.



Paris performance logo, solution focused approach to lower limb biomechanics and advanced video gait analysis


Paris Performance is a solution-focused approach to lower limb biomechanics testing and gait analysis. Our method combines a comprehensive series of dynamic and functional tests, precision technology, and decades of Paris Pedorthic experience.

We work closely with coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, sport medicine doctors and other members of an athlete's performance team. We provide a comprehensive baseline, measure gains through retesting, and follow up with comparative analysis. Our assessments provide the foundation for creating an effectively optimized performance program.



Sportmed Retail Logo, orthopaedic bracing, rehab & exercise products, compression socks, custom foot orthotics & insoles


SportMed Retail Group Ltd. operates four Vancouver lower mainland retail stores that sell a wide range of OTC sport and occupational injury braces, custom knee braces, compression therapy items, rehabilitation exercise products and athletic training and first aid supplies by North America’s leading manufacturers.

The health sciences trained staff have the knowledge and experience to provide empathetic, solution-focused assistance so to ensure the greatest level of customer satisfaction.



The right shoe logo,  retailer of sandals, running shoes, casual shoes and work shoes


The Right Shoe Company Ltd. is a retail shoe store at the corner of 4th & Fir in Vancouver that offers the best running, walking, dress casual and orthopedic footwear available on the market. Customers will experience highly trained staff with expert fitting knowledge who are committed to providing the right advice, the right fit and the right shoe.





Core Value


In our individual work

In our employment and service policies

In our products and services

In our corporate citizenship

In all we do


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