1936 photograph, advertisement hand-painted on building exterior brick, Pierre Paris’ Shoe & Boot Store, Vancouver, BC

Our History

Progressive entrepreneurship
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It all started with boots And the natural resources boom in BC in the early 19th century

Paris Orthotics’ genesis was the orthopedic shoe division of Pierre Paris & Sons Ltd., a shoe and boot manufacturing company founded in 1907 by Pierre Paris, an immigrant from the Basque region of southern France. Pierre’s company grew to become one of western Canada’s pre-eminent footwear manufacturers and its logging, mining and industrial footwear were considered the finest on the market. In addition to running his growing enterprise, Pierre studied podiatry and his two sons, George and Roger, followed his example by attending podiatry school in Chicago. George and Roger returned to Vancouver to join their father’s podiatry practice and each took their turn at the helm of the family business that by this time included the industrial footwear manufacturing division, a large family shoe store, an orthopedic shoemaking division and a busy podiatry practice.


Pierre Paris & Sons

Entreprenurial Shoe Makers
Historical Image: Circa 1910-1920


From Boots & Shoes to Custom Orthoses – A story of adaptation to a changing market

Roger’s son Stephen, who had worked his way up through the manufacturing and retail side of the business, assumed control in the late 70’s along with his sister Renee. Stephen and Renee chose to wind up the boot business in the early 80’s when the economic climate in western Canada’s resource-based economy made industrial footwear manufacturing uneconomical. In the mid 80's Stephen, with the support of his wife Cathy, founded Paris Orthotics Ltd. as a one-man orthopedic shoe and foot orthotic shop on the corner of 4th & Fir in Vancouver. A few years after opening, Stephen’s brother Paul and sister Renee joined him and together they have grown Paris Orthotics Ltd. into one of Canada’s largest and most respected manufacturers of premium custom made prescription orthoses.



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