Paris Orthotics designed carbon fibre spring plate, an internal shoe stiffener, for hallux limitus, hallux rigidus, sesamoiditis, forefoot fractures and Lisfranc injuries

Paris Carbon Fibre Spring Plate

An internal shoe stiffener exclusive to Paris Orthotics


Paris Carbon Fibre Spring Plate

A simple and effective solution for limiting motion across the forefoot and aiding in propulsion


  • Extremely thin, light and durable made from premium quality pre-preg carbon
  • Pre-shaped left or right and available in 4 sizes
  • Contoured design to provide ideal toe spring and heel elevation for most athletic, walking and orthopaedic footwear designs
  • Excellent interface with custom foot orthotics
  • A practical alternative to some common shoe modifications

Clinical Indications

  • Post-surgical care option when transitioning from post-op shoe to regular footwear after bunion, hammertoe and other forefoot surgeries
  • Management solution for turf toe, forefoot stress fractures, sesamoiditis and Lisfranc injuries
  • Protection and toe-off assistance for pathologies affecting the midfoot and forefoot including rheumatoid arthritis, hallux rigidus or limitus, Freiberg’s disease, diabetes and forefoot amputations


  • Quick shoe fit
  • Easily transferred from shoe to shoe
  • Light and thin


  • Maximum body weight tolerance is 280 lbs.
  • Important to use in shoes with adequate forefoot rocker profile.
  • Plates are not returnable for credit however size exchange requests will be accommodated for unused and Unmodified plates only.

Product Guarantee

  • The Paris Carbon Fibre Spring Plate is guaranteed against breakage for 6 months.
  • Minor grinding (forefoot shape and/or length) will not affect durability or nullify warranty.
  • Heating and reshaping will cause delaminating and will nullify warranty.


Device Length corresponds to footwear INSOLE MEASUREMENT.


DEVICE LENGTH tolerance +/- 2mm

XS 239 mm
259 mm 
279 mm
298 mm 



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